Below is a recent fire damage restoration job we did in Garland. This grease fire started in the kitchen and spread to the rest of the house causing major damage.

Kitchen Grease Fire in Garland

Team Regent immediately stepped in to restore the structure.

Our technicians used top of the line odor eliminating and soot removing equipment. We then tore out the damaged walls and insulation.

Finally, we repaired the kitchen and restored the home back to pre-fire conditions.

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Don’t Let A Leak Destroy Your Home

A water leak in your home can lead to an immense amount of damage. A small leak in an upstairs bathroom caused enough damage to ruin most of the sheet rock and hardwoods in this Plano home. We dried out the walls and flooring using our blowers and dehumidifiers.  We were able to save the original floors by re-sanding and staining.  We also replaced damaged sheet rock and wet insulation inside of the walls.

Sam from Flower Mound had flood that started under his kitchen sink. The water spread into his living room and bedroom. As you can see below, his floors were damaged and buckling.We were able to save the homeowner money by drying out the original floors. The floors then had to be sanded and restained. If you have a flood in your kitchen call us immediately to see if your floors can be saved.