Wood Floor Drying & Wood Floor Water Damage Repair in Dallas/Fort Worth

Water On Your Wood Floors? Get Wood Floor Drying Help in 45 Minutes!

When your wood floor is exposed to water, time is of the essence. Wood floors that absorb water, either through flooding or excess humidity, can buckle or cup if not treated in time.

The only way to save your hardwood floors is to remove the water and dry them as quickly as possible using our wood floor water damag repair service. Using high-tech drying equipment, our water damage repair experts will completely remove the moisture from your wood flooring. 

"When water gets on your wood floors, call us to save them!"

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Wood Floor Drying & Water Damage Repair Experts in Dallas/Fort Worth

Damage to hardwood floors can occur in as little as 24 hours after water intrusion, so it’s crucial that you call a hardwood floor drying specialist right away to prevent any damage to your floors.

Wood floors are particularly hard to dry, and if it’s done improperly can lead to permanent water damage or mold growth.

When you call Regent Restoration, we'll send a team out right away to your Dallas/Fort Worth property. We guarantee we will respond to your water damage emergency within 45 minutes to begin the process of water extraction, floor drying, and water damage repairs.

Our Water Damage Wood Floor Restoration Services:

When your wood floors are affected by flooding or water damage, it’s important to take immediate action to extract any standing water, remove water from underneath the floorboards, and dry the floors until a normal moisture level is maintained.

At Regent Restoration, we understand that hardwood floors are an important investment and part of your home. We’ll work quickly to preserve your wood floors and return your home back to normal.

How Our Team Repairs Water Damaged Wood Floors

When water enters your home, it doesn’t only stay on the surface. Water that isn’t absorbed by the wood, seeps into the subflooring that’s underneath your hardwood floors.

When our team arrives at your Dallas/Fort Worth property the first thing we'll do is provide you with a free water damage estimate and visual inspection. Using infrared cameras and moisture meters, our restoration team is able to detect water hiding underneath floorboards. With this technology, we can accurately determine the amount of moisture and ensure we've extracted every drop of water during the restoration process.

Here's How the Wood Floor Water Damage Restoration Process Works:

  1. Provide a free water damage estimate and inspection.
  2. Identify the source of your flooding or leak and stop it.
  3. Extract standing water and remove water-damaged materials.
  4. Dry your wood floors using non-invasive mat drying systems. This technology allows us to extract the water from subflooring without lifting up the floorboards and causing further damage.
  5. Spray anti-microbial spray to prevent mold growth.
  6. Repair any wood floor cupping or buckling.
  7. Return daily to monitor moisture levels and ensure complete drying.
  8. Help you file a water damage insurance claim and get the most for coverage for your losses.

We Use State-of-the-Art Wood Floor Drying Equipment

You have to be careful when drying wood floors. If you over-dry them, you can cause permanent damage. If you don’t dry them enough, mold can grow. That’s why wood floor drying is best left to the professionals who have the necessary training and equipment to prevent further wood floor damage.

With our high-tech and non-invasive wood floor drying equipment, there’s no need to painstakingly lift up and remove your wood floor panel-by-panel to completely dry it below the surface. Our water damage professionals use state-of-the-art wood floor drying technology called Hardwood Mat Drying systems.

These powerful mats inject high-pressure air into your wood floors and suck the moisture from the subflooring without causing any further damage.

Wood Floor Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair for wood flooring is the process of restoring the water damaged wood floors in your home to pre-loss condition.

The more time you wait to address the water on your hardwood floor, the more water damage is done, and obviously, the more money it’s going to cost to repair. But if you’re proactive about the problem, then you can preserve your wood flooring, and ultimately save yourself some money.

After you call us, our trained water damage restoration professionals will remove any standing water, extract any water beneath the surface and dry your floors until a normal moisture level is maintained.

Types Of Wood Floor Water Damage We Can Fix:

If your wood floors have already suffered water damage, such cupping or buckling, we’ll repair and restore your wood floors back to normal.


Cupping occurs when the underside of your hardwood floor absorbs more moisture than the surface. This moisture imbalance causes the edges of your wood floor to elevate higher above the center. Because of this, your floor looks wavy and no longer looks flat. Regent Restoration can repair your damaged floors and remove the moisture that causes cupping in the first place.


This is the most extensive kind of water damage to a wood floor and usually, happens after a home flood. Buckling occurs when the wood floor lifts several inches up from the subfloor. If remediate action is taken straightaway, repair is possible. Regent Restoration can quickly extract any standing water, stabilize the moisture in your floorboards, and repair your hardwood floor.

Wet Wood Floors Can Cause Mold To Grow

Do you know what water attracts? Mold. If your water damaged wood floor is left untreated, mold can grow. Mold will cause your wood floor to deteriorate, and more importantly, can affect the air quality of your home. Mold causes allergies and irritations in those who are sensitive to it, but even if you aren't allergic to it, prolonged exposure to mold can cause respiratory problems.

Regent Restoration provides emergency Frisco water damage restoration, including wood floor drying, which can prevent you from having to spend money on mold removal services.

Our water damage specialists will extract moisture from the surface and beneath your wet wood flooring. We'll then restore the humidity levels and spray a microbial spray to stop the growth of mold.

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