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Carpet Water Damage: FAQ’s

Dealing with carpet water damage is stressful. We get it.

We’ve put everything you need to know in one place, so you can easily understand what your options are when it comes to restoring or drying your carpets after water damage.

Click on the sections below or give us a call if you have any questions about the carpet water damage restoration process, how to file an insurance claim, and more. 

What To Do If Your Carpet Is Flooded (And How To Reduce the Damage)

Flooded carpet drying and water extraction services in Dallas

If a home flood or leaking water pipe soaked your carpets, the very first thing you should do is call a trusted carpet water damage restoration company. 

Yes, any competent homeowner can handle drying their carpet after a small spill.

However, if the water damage was the result of a home flood or a persistent leak, cleanup and drying should be handled by a professional for several reasons:

  • Mold can grow within 48-72 hours after your carpet becomes wet, which can be a health hazard if you come into contact with it.
  • Depending on the source of the water, it could contain contaminants or bacteria.
  • Improper carpet cleaning or drying can actually void the warranty.

With that said, there are some steps you can take to minimize the damage while you’re waiting for a professional carpet water damage crew to arrive.

Step 1: Find and Shut Off the Source of Water (If You Can)

If you can easily see where the water is coming from, like a leaking sink, shut off the water supply valve to the appliance or pipe.

Sometimes the source of the water is hard to find. For instance, it could be a leaking pipe behind a wall, underneath a cabinet, or behind an appliance.

If you can’t find it, you can shut off the main water supply valve to your house or wait for a professional.

Step 2: Clean Up the Water

Grab towels and try to clean up as much water as you can. 

Use a wet vac if you have access to one. These are the most effective tools for removing water, and can be rented at a hardware store or provided by a water extraction company.

Step 3: Speed Up the Carpet Drying Process

Set up fans at full blast around the room and point them towards the floor.

Place an industrial-grade dehumidifier (small, personal ones won’t cut it) in the center of the room and use it at the highest setting possible for at least 24 hours.

You can also open windows and doors to allow for more airflow. However, you’ll want to keep them closed if the outside air is more humid than the inside air.

Step 4: Move Items to a Dry Area

Move furniture, rugs and other valuables to a dry area of the home if possible.

Step 5: Document the Damages

Take photos or videos of the source of the water, your water damaged carpeting, and any other affected belongings. 

This will help during the insurance process later on.

The Average Cost of Carpet Water Extraction & Restoration Services

Carpet Water Damage Cleanup Company in Dallas

Because every water damage scenario is unique, unfortunately, there is no standard cost for carpet water extraction or restoration services.

The national average cost for water damage restoration is $2,700. This is simply for the drying and water extraction services and doesn’t include any reconstruction efforts (like replacing carpeting or drywall).

Again, the above is a rough estimate. The costs can be lower or higher than that depending on the extent of the water damage and other factors. 

To help you understand the costs, we’ve put together a list of factors that restoration companies use to determine the pricing.

Cost Factor #1: Water Contamination Level

Carpet water damage restoration companies classify water by the level of contaminants it contains

  • Clean water: This water poses no threat and usually comes from a leaking or broken pipe. The average water damage cleanup cost for this is $3.75 per square foot.  
  • Grey water: This water contains bacteria or chemical contaminants and usually comes from appliances or toilet overflows containing urine. Cleanup costs for this range around $4.50 per square foot.
  • Black water: This source of water is highly unsanitary and is the most costly to remove as it involves special training and equipment. Costs for this are around $7 per square foot.

Cost Factor #2: Amount of Water Extraction Needed

Most restoration companies use the volume of the water and square footage of the affected area as a base. For example, extracting a few inches of water that was contained in one room is cheaper than drying an entire house that suffered from a flood.

Cost Factor #3: Extent of Carpet Water Damage

The more damage, the higher the cost. Simply drying a flooded carpet that sustained damage from a clean water source (with no other damages done) will be much cheaper than re-carpeting an entire room or replacing crumbling drywall.

Cost Factor #4: Reconstruction Materials  

The type of reconstruction materials will also affect the price. For instance, if you need imported Italian marble replaced, it’s going to cost a lot more than using standard materials.

Will Insurance Cover Your Carpet Water Damage Claim?

Carpet water damage restoration in Dallas

The quick answer: yes, but it depends on the cause. 

Most insurance policies cover water damage resulting from “sudden and accidental” causes. This means insurers will cover the costs, if, for example, your washing machine overflowed and you need flood damage cleanup or repairs.

However, most insurance companies will not cover water damage cleanup or repair costs if they can prove the damage resulted from negligence or lack of repairs. 

For instance, let’s say you knew your fridge was leaking and you didn’t do anything about it. It’s been going on for the course of a year and it’s starting to cause water damage to the flooring and walls. In this scenario, they might not accept your claim. 

If you have questions about the insurance process, call us now. As a restoration company, we negotiate with insurance companies all the time and can help you get the most out of your water damage claim.



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