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Do You Have Water In Your Home? Get Water Extraction Help in 45 Minutes!

When water enters your home from a leak, pipe burst, or a flood, fast water extraction is necessary to minimize water damage.

Water can damage hardwood floors, ruin carpets, get trapped behind walls, and cause mold to grow if it’s left untreated.

At Regent Restoration, we have everything from small vacuums to powerful truck mounted equipment, so we can handle any of your water extraction needs, big or small.

"When water enters your home, call our experts to extract and remove it!"

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Quick Water Extraction Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

Water extraction should happen as soon as possible after water damage occurs, as this will help reduce your losses and the amount of time it will take to dry your property.

Our water extraction professionals are available 24/7  to provide you with emergency water extraction services and will respond to your call within 45 minutes or less.

Our experts are trained to handle everything from a small leak in your home to a sewage overflow in a commercial office complex. When we arrive we'll immediately get to work and begin the process of water clean up, drying, and repairs.

Our Water Extraction Services Include:

  • Water Cleanup & Removal
  • Water Extraction
  • Wet Carpet Drying
  • Hardwood Floor Drying
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Water Leak Cleanup
  • Water Removal
  • Water Damage Repair

At Regent Restoration, we see first-hand how stressful water damage can be for homeowners, which is why we try to make the restoration process stress-free. We'll keep you up-to-date on your project at all times.

As part of the process, we will provide you with all of the necessary documentation for your insurance provider and negotiate with your insurance company to get the best coverage for your losses.

Contact us now for a free water damage quote and visual inspection.

How Our Team Removes Water From Your Home Or Business

The longer your property remains abnormally wet, the more water damage and contamination take hold, which is why water extraction should happen as soon as possible.

When our water damage specialists respond to your call, they’ll provide you with a free estimate and inspection, and immediately being the water extraction process.

Here's How the Water Extraction Process Works:

  1. Provide a free 360-degree inspection. This means we survey the entire property for signs of water damage
  2. Identify the source of water intrusion or leak and stop it.
  3. Water extraction, water removal and remove excess moisture from your flooring and walls using our powerful vacuums.
  4. Protect your furniture from water damage by moving it to a safe location for cleaning or storage.
  5. Create a quick drying process using high-tech dehumidifiers and air movers.
  6. Spray anti-microbial in areas that mold might grow.
  7. Repair all wood flooring, carpeting, drywall and ceilings in your home.
  8. Come back daily to monitor moisture levels and ensure your property is completely dry.
  9. Provide free insurance help to get you the best coverage for your water damage loss.

From the initial inspection to the final coat of paint, our full-service approach saves you time and money while providing you with a fresh start.

We'll Protect Your Belongings From Water Damage

When there is excessive water in your home, your personal belongings are at risk, either from direct contact with the water or from elevated humidity levels.

If your furnishings are left in contact with water, the water will eventually begin to damage wood, stain upholstered furniture, or cause mildew to grow.

Our team will act quickly to protect your personal belongings before and during water extraction.We'll move furniture and take steps to protect it from the water damage, such as elevating it using blocks. We also provide pack-out services to move your belongings to a safe location for cleaning or storage.

Water Damage Repair in Dallas

After water damage, all is not lost! If your possessions have suffered from water damage, we'll repair them.

Water damage repair is the process of restoring the wet items in your home to pre-loss condition. After water removal, we'll quickly begin the restoration process and tell you what's cheaper to restore and what's cheaper to replace.

As water damage repair company in Dallas/Fort Worth, our job isn't done until your damaged items are returned to an equal or better appearance than before.

The Most Trusted Water Extraction Company in DFW

If you have a water emergency in your home, don’t delay! The professionals at Regent Restoration are on-call 24/7 to help you during your water damage emergency.

  • Free Water Damage Estimates & Inspections.
  • 24 Hour Service
  • A+ BBB Accredited Restoration Company
  • 100% Moisture-Free Guarantee
  • Certified Water Extraction Pro’s

Our water extraction technicians are IICRC certified. This means they’ve been specially-trained to not only remove water but completely dry your property and return it back to pre-loss conditions.

If you're looking for the most experienced and trusted water extraction company in Dallas, choose Regent Restoration.

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Immediate Water Cleanup Prevents Mold Growth

The number one reason to hire a water extraction professional after water damage has affected your home is to prevent mold. You only need three ingredients to make mold: moisture, oxygen, and any organic material (AKA your wood flooring, carpets, and insulation).

This makes a flooded home or business the optimal environment.

Mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours after water damage, so prompt water extraction is essential for the prevention of mold growth. Mold eats whatever it’s growing on, which means it can damage your furnishings and even cause structural damage if it’s left unchecked.

By hiring a water clean up professional, you can rest assured that the excess moisture that causes mold growth will be removed and your property will be completely dried.

What You Should Know About Water Damage Insurance

Remember, your insurance company should work for YOU first and foremost. We have over 30 years of experience with dealing with insurers, insurance claims, and customers dealing with multiple types of water damage.

We understand water damage is already stressful enough, so we try to make the insurance process stress-free. We’ll give you a free estimate, directly bill your insurance company, and photograph evidence of water damages. All you have to do is call in the claim, give us the claim number, and we’ll handle the rest.

When you need water clean up & extraction in the DFW area, give us a call first at (214) 731-4624.

More Info On Water Extraction & Water Cleanup:

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