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Cabinet Water Damage Repair in Dallas/Fort WorthWater Damaged Cabinets? Our Repair Team Can Help!

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money investing in custom cabinetry that will compliment the look of their home, so it can be stressful when they deteriorate from water damage.

If your cabinets are damaged from a leak or flood, call Regent Restoration for expert cabinet water damage repair.

With our full-service restoration approach, we can salvage your cabinets and save you money in replacement costs.

“Don’t worry about your cabinets being ruined! Our repair team can return them back to normal!”

Your Local Dallas Water Damage Cabinet Repair Experts

If you notice a leak is damaging your cabinets, it’s important to call a trusted restoration company immediately. A leak underneath the sink is easy to spot when it begins puddling on your floor, but it’s the water you can’t see that causes most of the problems. Water can travel into the walls behind your cabinets and underneath nearby floorboards.

We guarantee we will respond to your call within 45 minutes. When our team arrives at your Dallas/Fort Worth property they’ll immediately begin the process of water extraction, drying, and repairs.

We use infrared equipment to detect every drop of hidden moisture trapped in wall cavities and underneath flooring, ensuring the job gets done right the first time. After water extraction and drying, our skilled construction team will repair your cabinets on-site.

Our Cabinet Repair Services Include:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage Repair
  • Bathroom Vanity & Cabinet Water Damage Repair
  • Structural Drying
  • Fire Damage Repair
  • Leak Cleanup
  • Flooded Bathroom Cleanup
  • Wood Floor Drying

We’ll always work with your budget in mind and tell you if your cabinets are cheaper to restore or replace. We’ll also keep you informed during every step of the repair process and help you file an insurance claim to get you the most for your water damage losses.

From the initial water damage assessment to the final touch of paint, our full-service cabinet restoration approach will save you money and provide you with a fresh, new start.

Call us now (214) 731-4624 to take advantage of our free cabinet repair estimate and water damage inspection.

How Our Team Repairs Water Damaged Cabinets In Dallas/Fort Worth

Word of caution: Starting cabinet repair without addressing the leak or water damage that caused the problem in the first place will result in more headaches down the line. Eventually, the water will spread damage to other cabinets and to surrounding walls and floors.

The longer you wait to address the source of the water leak, the greater the chance of permanent damage or mold growth. This decreases the likelihood your cabinets can be salvaged and increases the overall repair costs.

When you call us out, we’ll use specialized leak detection equipment to determine the extent of water damage and see if it’s spread to the walls behind your cabinets. We’ll then quickly get to work to extract water from walls, dry the affected area completely, and then repair cabinets on-site to their original condition.

Here’s How the Cabinet Restoration Process Works:

  1. Provide you with a completely free moisture reading & repair estimate.
  2. Identify the source of water and stop it from spreading.
  3. Begin leak cleanup & water extraction.
  4. Disassemble water damaged cabinets, salvage original doors, and remove saturated wood.
  5. If water damage has spread to walls, we’ll need completely remove cabinets to access and pull out waterlogged drywall and insulation.
  6. Place commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers around the area to completely dry out the moisture.
  7. If water permeated nearby wood floors, carpets, or tiles we’ll extract water from the subflooring and repair them.
  8. Spray anti-microbial in areas to prevent mildew.
  9. Refinish & rebuild cabinets to their pre-loss condition.
  10. Help you file an insurance claim to get your damages covered with no expense to you.

When it comes to cabinet drying and repair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals so you can avoid creating a money pit of repair bills. If the source of the water isn’t addressed or if it isn’t dried thoroughly, the undetected water will continue to spread and eat up your cabinets or cause mold growth.

The particle board inside the cabinet will eventually swell, cave in, or start growing mold. The exterior appearance of your cabinets will also suffer, as water destroys the finish and stains the wood.

As one of the leading water damage repair companies in Dallas/Fort Worth, it’s our mission to return your cabinets back to their original appearance or even better.

Determining What Can Be Salvaged

After water damage, all is not lost when it comes to your custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Most of the time we can salvage your cabinets without total reconstruction, but this depends on the extent of the water damage, how fast the problem was addressed, and the source of where the water came from.

In most instances where the water damage came from a burst pipe, an appliance leak, sink leak or bathtub overflow, we can dry the water and rebuild your cabinets in place. Your chances of an easier and quicker repair job are increased if the issue is addressed right away, as the water will have less time to spread.  Sometimes it’s only the cabinet bottoms that are water damaged and need to be repaired. In these situations, it’s likely we can repair the damage within that affected area without having to rip out an entire cabinet system or surrounding walls and floors in the kitchen or bathroom.

If the source of water damage came from a sewage backup in the bathroom, it will be less likely that we can salvage them as they might have absorbed contamination. However, if it’s determined that your cabinets are salvageable, we’ll remove sewage water and any contaminants using a highly pressurized washing machine that ejects hot, sanitary water.

Leaking Sink, Appliance, and Burst Pipe Cleanup

The most common cause of kitchen or bathroom cabinet water damage is a leaking sink. Other culprits are flooding, burst pipes, or leaking appliances.

Our restoration technicians are trained to handle any water cleanup job, whether it’s extensive flooding or a small leak underneath your sink.

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What Do I Do If I Have Water Damaged Cabinets?

Here’s a common scenario that unfortunately happens to a lot of our customers: They notice water leaking under a sink cabinet, and so they call out a handyman to fix the leak, and quickly mop up the puddles and apply repairs themselves.

What usually happens next? That small sink leak was part of a larger, more extensive water damage problem that was spreading behind walls, underneath nearby flooring, and wreaking havoc with the interior and exterior of their cabinets.

Whenever you notice a leak underneath your sink, it’s important to contact a restoration company first and foremost. After that here are the other steps you should take:

Determine the Source of the Leak

Doing a little investigative work before you call us out can help speed up the process when we arrive. If the source of the water damage is coming from a leaking sink, turn off the water supply valves underneath the sink.

Do Some Damage Control

Try to soak up as much water as you can using towels, mops or buckets. Remove items inside the cabinet. If the water is from a sewage backup, avoid the area.

Open Windows and Set Up Fans

If it’s not too humid outside open up the cabinet doors and allow the area to ventilate by using fans and opening windows. While this won’t completely dry up the moisture, it will help in speeding up the drying process.

Don’t Dispose of the Cabinetry Just Yet

Don’t attempt to remove doors, handles, drawers, or any other type of hardware until a restoration professional arrives and provides you with a full assessment.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Call and inform your insurance company as soon as possible. Taking mitigation steps and notifying them as soon as the incident occurs will increase the likelihood of coverage. Take photographs of damages for evidence purposes.

Will Insurance Cover Water Damage to Cabinets?

This depends on the cause of the water damage. Most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage from “sudden and accidental” events, such as burst pipes or dishwasher and washing machine overflows. On the other hand, most homeowner insurance policies won’t cover cabinet water damage if it resulted from neglect, which is why it’s important to quickly address any leaks under your sink.

Contact us now at (214) 731-4624 and our experts will guide you through the insurance process.

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