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When we arrive at your doorstep, our crews will immediately stop the water, clean up the mess, dry out affected areas, and repair any damages.

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Water Leaks And Your Property: FAQ’s

Dealing with water damage is stressful. We get it.

We’ve put everything you need to know in one place, so you can easily understand what your options are when it comes to dealing with a major leak in your home or business.

Click on the sections below or give us a call if you have any questions about the water leak restoration process, insurance claims, and more. 

What To Do If You Have a Water Leak (5 Easy Steps)

Water leak cleanup company in Dallas, TX

Step 1: Shut Off the Water Source (If You Can)

If your leak is coming from an appliance or fixture— like a washing machine, toilet, sink— shutting off the water supply valve is fairly easy.

What you’ll need to do is locate the water supply line valve connected to those appliances. Most supply lines are located somewhere underneath or behind the appliance.

The valve can be in the form of a lever, a spigot, or a knob. Turn the valve clockwise to shut it off.

For water heaters, shut off the gas valve to the water heater first before turning off the water. For electric water heaters, go to the breaker box and shut off the specific breaker for the water heater.

If you can’t identify where the leak is coming from or are having trouble finding the water supply line to an appliance, shut off the home’s main water supply.

This is usually located above or beneath the water heater or somewhere in the garage. Turn the valve clockwise.

Step 2: Document the Damages

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you actually want to document the water damage before you begin cleaning up.Take photos or videos of the leak, the affected areas, and any water-damaged property.

 This evidence will help with your insurance claim later down the line.

Step 3: Clean Up the Water

Grab towels, a bucket, and a mop, and begin soaking up as much water as you can. If you have access to a wet vac this will help greatly.

Step 4: Move Belongings

Move furniture and other valuables to a dry area of the home to prevent them from getting wet.

Step 5: Begin Drying

Set up fans at full blast around the room and point them towards the affected area or the floor.

Open up cabinets and doors to help speed up the drying the process.

You can also open windows and doors to allow for more airflow. However, you’ll want to keep them closed if it recently rained or if the outside air is humid.

The Average Cost of Water Leak Cleanup & Restoration

Water leak restoration in Dallas

Every water damage scenario is different, so, unfortunately, there is no standard cost for water leak cleanup and repairs.

First, you must address the leak that’s causing the issue. Plumbing repairs cost $300 on average

Then, you need to factor in the cost of water removal. The national average cost for drying and cleaning up water after a leak is around $2,700. 

Again, all of the above prices are a rough estimate. The costs can be lower or higher depending on the nature of the damage.

To help you understand the costs, we’ve put together a list of factors that water leak restoration companies use to determine the pricing.

Cost Factor #1: Type of Water 

Water leak cleanup companies categorize water based on its hazard level. If you’re dealing with a leak from a pipe, you’re likely dealing with clean water. If you’re dealing with a leak from an appliance, you might be dealing with grey water depending on the chemicals present.

  • Clean water: Usually coming from a leaking pipe, this water poses no threat of contamination. The cleanup cost for this is $3.75 per square foot.  
  • Grey water: This water contains some bacteria or chemical contaminants. Examples include water discharge from appliances or toilet overflows where urine is present. The cleanup costs range around $4.50 per square foot.
  • Black water: This source of water is highly unsanitary and usually comes from raw sewage. Cleanup costs are around $7 per square foot.

Cost Factor #2: Volume & Square Footage of Water

The height of the water and square footage will greatly guide the price. For example, water extraction after a small leak is cheaper than drying an entire house that suffered from a flood. 

Cost Factor #3: The Extent of Damage

The more damage done, the higher the cost. Cutting out and replacing a small patch of drywall is much less expensive than rebuilding an entire room.

Cost Factor #4: Materials Involved  

The type of reconstruction materials will also affect the price. For instance, if you need to replace specialty materials, like imported Italian marble, it’s going to cost a lot more than using standard materials.

Will Insurance Cover Water Damage From a Leak?

Cleaning up after a water leak in Dallas

The quick answer: It depends on how fast you respond to the problem.

Most insurance policies cover water damage resulting from “sudden and accidental” causes. This means insurers will cover the costs, if, for example, a hidden pipe started to leak through the ceiling and now you need ceiling water damage repair

Insurance companies don’t expect you to rip out your drywall periodically to check for leaks or water damage. They understand it’s impossible to know you have a problem until the water damage is visible to the naked eye.

With that said, insurance companies expect you to deal with the problem quickly and will deny claims if they find evidence of negligence.

For example, let’s take that same ceiling leak and let’s say you decided to deal with it by putting a bucket underneath it for 5 months. Now you’ve got serious water damage and you finally decide you want to make a claim. In this scenario, they will most likely deny your claim.

The best advice is to deal with leaks ASAP. Insurance adjusters can tell when water damage is recent and when a problem has been neglected.

If you have questions about the insurance process, call us now. As a water leak restoration company, we negotiate with insurance companies all the time and can help you file your insurance claim.



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