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Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

As a water damage restoration company, the most common question we get from homeowners is “does insurance cover water damage?”. The answer to that question depends on the source of the water damage and how quickly the problem is addressed.

It’s important to remember that not all insurance policies are alike, so it’s best to call your insurance agent and read your policy.

Here are the most common water damage claims we help our customers file and the likelihood that they’ll be covered by your insurance company:

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water damage in your homeIf your house is flooding or you all of a sudden find water damage in your home you’re probably wondering “what in sam’s hell do I do”? Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is call a water damage restoration company near you or a plumber.

Unfortunately, even pros need some time to prepare and get to the accident site, so here are the 3 first important things to immediately do about water damage while you wait for us to come to your rescue. Read more “There’s Water Damage In Your Home, What Do You Do?”

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6 Myths Uncovered About Water Damage

My Insurance Won’t Cover It

Many times homeowners assume if they have a small flood in their home the money to clean up and repair the damages will come out of their pocket. This is simply not true. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will cover all of the damages. Although each situation is completely unique and different. If you call us we can come out to give you a free estimate. We work with your insurance company to get you the best coverage for your flood.
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When a surge of water invades your home from outside or within, your first thought shouldn’t linger on something irrelevant like what you should have for lunch the next day, instead, your first thought should go towards your safety and the safety of those with you.

Those who are not as knowledgeable about water damage Dallas tend to underestimate it. Every case should be handled with caution and with safety in mind, from the smallest cases such as minor leaks and spills, to the bigger cases like floods and sewage leaks. For your protection here are five water damage safety tips to remember when you’re experiencing a water damage emergency:

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Smoke damage is sometimes overlooked or considered secondary damage after a destructive fire, but ignoring smoke damage can multiply your costs and result in the loss of belongings that may have been restored if addressed sooner. The longer smoke damage goes unnoticed, the more damage it will cause—much of it irreversible.

Understanding what smoke damage is and how it affects the items in your Dallas home can help you put a stop to its destructive nature. Smoke and soot residues will continue to cause damages long after the fire is out, and the damage only gets worse as more time passes.

Why Does Smoke and Soot Cause Damage?

To understand how smoke and soot residues can damage your belongings, you first need to know that soot is an acidic residue left behind after a fire. Because it is acidic, smoke and soot residues can quickly cause permanent damage to porous materials and plastics. It takes longer for less porous materials to show damage, but don’t assume they aren’t affected. The longer smoke and soot residues are present, the greater the risk for damage.

Plastic or porous items – think small appliances, marble countertops, flooring, and alabaster – are often permanently discolored due to smoke damage. Harder surfaces like countertops, fiberglass items, and large appliances can begin to yellow within a few hours after a fire.

Yellowing also affects painted walls and hardwood or vinyl floors within a few days. The hardest materials – glass and porcelain – will begin to show signs of etching after a few weeks.

How Can I Prevent Smoke Damage After a Fire?

Because smoke and soot residues continue to damage your belongings for days and even weeks after a fire, it is important that cleanup begins as soon as possible to protect your belongings and reduce your losses. Many items susceptible to smoke damage can often be restored, but only when cleanup begins early.

Don’t forget about items that fire or smoke didn’t directly or immediately affect. Assume that soot residue is covering every surface area in your home. If you plan to clean the smoke and soot residues yourself, work from the top down, starting with the ceiling. Assume there is smoke and soot residue on every surface, even if the damage is not yet visible.

When Should I Call A Smoke Damage Cleanup Professional?

It’s important to address smoke damage as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to your Dallas home and belongings. You should contact a smoke damage cleanup professional if for any reason you are unable to perform cleanup yourself, or if you are concerned about potential smoke damage to your belongings.

Need a Smoke Damage Cleanup Company in the Dallas/DFW Area?

Regent Restoration provides emergency fire damage cleanup in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Our IICRC certified technicians will respond 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality service whenever you need us most. When we arrive we’ll clear away debris, deodorize your home, deep-clean affected materials, and rebuild the burnt structure. Contact us now!

  • Soot is acidic and can cause damage well after a fire
  • Quickly cleaning your home is the best way to prevent permanent damage
  • Smoke and Soot can get on every surface, even though they may not be visible
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Water damage in your home can be sudden. Most people have not experienced a situation like it before. There are often many questions about water damage:

  • What does water damage do to my home?
  • Can I clean it myself?
  • What’s the restoration process like?

To answer these and other water damage questions, we have compiled a list of the top 10 questions customers have asked us about water damage, its effects and what you can do to reduce the risk. Read more “Answering Your Top 10 Water Damage Questions”

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Smoke detectors are a crucial part of your safety, so it’s important to know if they’re working or not.Your smoke detector is pretty vocal about what it needs, if you’ll listen. It will give off little alarms or chirp sporadically to let you know that its batteries are low and that they need to be replaced.

Here’s how to check if your smoke detector is working:

Run a Test

Run a test, and warn people you’re about to run it so you don’t give anyone an unnecessary jolt of shock.

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Below is a recent fire damage restoration job we did in Garland. This grease fire started in the kitchen and spread to the rest of the house causing major damage. Team Regent immediately stepped in to restore the structure.

Our technicians used top of the line odor eliminating and soot removing equipment. We then tore out the damaged walls and insulation and repaired the kitchen to pre-fire conditions.

How to Prevent Grease Fires

Most of the time grease fires start from the drip pan underneath the burner, but sometimes it starts from the cooking pan itself. Grease fires are quite common and can cause a lot of damage. Here are some things you can do to prevent a grease fire from damaging your kitchen:

  • Clean burners and drip pans regularly. Do not attempt to clean while the stove is still hot.
  • Check the side of the oil bottles for heating ratings before cooking. Some oils have different heat rating and will catch fire if cooked for too long. If the oil starts to smoke, take it off the burner.
  • Clean spills as soon as they happen. Turn off the heat source and wait for the burners to cool before doing so.
  • Excercise caution when putting food into hot grease. If grease splashes out it might burn you or hit the heat source and cause a fire.
  • NEVER use water to put out a grease fire. This will cause the fire to spread.

Choose Us For Fire Damage Restoration Services in DFW

If you have a fire Regent Restoration can help. Regent Restoration is a full-service fire damage restoration company that serves Garland and the greater DFW area. We’re open 24/7 and will arrive at your Dallas/Fort Worth property within 45 minutes.

Our highly trained technician will restore your house to pre-fire conditions. We will remove any harmful smoke odors from your home and reconstruct any damaged or burnt materials. Call us now at  (214) 731-4624

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