Huge Water Restoration in Frisco From Broken Toilet Pipe

Water damage can be hectic and we understand this!

We recently received a phone call from a customer who was overseas in England and got a notice from her neighbor that her house had just flooded in Frisco, TX.

Within 35 minutes our Certified Technicians were on scene and assessing the damage in the home. The damage was extensive. The house had 6 rooms affected and tons of water trapped in the carpet and pad. We replaced the wet carpet and the padding underneath. After that, we dried the subflooring and installed new carpets.

Pipe Maintenance Tips

While this homeowner in Frisco probably couldn’t have prevented this from happening, there are some measures you can take to reduce the risk of your pipes breaking. Follow these maintenance tips to reduce the likelihood of a water damage emergency in your home:

  • Be careful when installing trees. If you’re installing a tree into your home, know where your pipes are located before planting.
  • Winterize your home. When temperatures drop, make sure warm air can reach your pipes. You can achieve this by keeping sink cabinet doors open.
  • Don’t clog your pipes. Don’t flush down things like feminine hygiene products, and make sure to dispose of cooking grease in the trash.

What To Do If a Toilet Pipe Breaks

A broken toilet pipe is no joke. Toilets are connected to water supply lines and can release a flood of water into your home. Here’s what to do if a toilet pipe breaks:

  • Immediately turn off the water supply line
  • Repair the broken pipe. Depending on the size of the crack this can be fairly inexpensive. You can find mending tools at your local DFW hardware store.
  • Call in a professional water drying crew. Bathrooms are already a very humid area of your home, and if the water from a broken pipe isn’t dried properly, it can lead to mold growth.

We Offer Water Restoration Services in Frisco and DFW

It doesn’t matter if your pipes burst and flood your home or if you’re facing water damage from a small leak, we can handle any job. Regent Restoration is a full-service water damage restoration company that serves Frisco and the entire DFW area. We’re available 24/7 to handle any water damage emergency. Call us at (214) 731-4624 and we’ll send a technician to your DFW property within 30 minutes.