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Emergency Board Up Services In Dallas/Fort Worth

Storms, fires, floods and other disasters can create exposures in your roof and break your windows. If you need emergency board up services, Regent Restoration is here to help.

Board up is essential if you want to protect your property from pests, vandals, or rain.

Our repair crews are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to your emergency and will quickly provide you with the protection you need until the reconstruction process can begin.

Window Board Up After Fire Damage in Dallas/Fort Worth

After Suffering Fire or Storm Damage, Call Us To Secure Your Property!

Get Expert Board Up Help In DFW Within 45 Minutes!

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Home Board Up After Fire Damage in Dallas/Fort Worth

When you call Regent Restoration, we send a team out to your Dallas/Fort Worth property right away. After we arrive on disaster scenes, securing your property is our number one priority.

If your home or business has been critically damaged and is exposed to outside elements, it is important to seek help immediately from a trusted emergency board up company. 

We guarantee we will respond to your situation within 45 minutes to begin the process of broken glass cleanup, roof tarping, board ups, and repairs.

Our Emergency Restoration & Repair Services Include:

Our experts have the training and equipment to handle everything from residential roof tarping to commercial board up services for structures such as hotels, airports, and restaurants.

We keep you up-to-date on your repair project at all times. As part of the process, we will provide you with all of the necessary documentation for your insurance provider and take photos of damages.

Contact us now to take advantage of our free repair estimate and damage inspection.

How Our Team Repairs & Boards Up Your Home or Business

Boarding up a home is more than just putting up some plywood and hammering some nails. There are many factors to consider, such as how stable the structure is, how much debris there is, and if there is contamination present depending on the source of damage.

Whether your windows are damaged from a storm or a fire, it’s important to contact a board up company you can count on.

Our skilled repair team will work diligently to board up your house, making sure that no corner of the property is exposed to outside elements. Once we provide temporary protection for your property, we will assess the extent of the damage to your walls, floors, appliances, and furniture.

Here’s How the Board Up Process Works:

  1. Provide you with a completely free repair estimate & damage inspection.
  2. Safety is our first priority. We’ll determine if the property is structurally sound.
  3. Clean up hazardous debris and broken glass shards.
  4. Begin the process of boarding up broken windows.
  5. Provide temporary roof tarping if there are exposures in your roof.
  6. Repair your roof and broken windows to pre-loss conditions.
  7. Help you file an insurance claim to get your damages covered without any expense to you.

From the initial damage assessment to the last nail that’s hammered, our full-service approach saves you time and money while providing you with a fresh start.

Roof Tarping

After exposures are created in your roof, the next important step is to protect your property from further damages from outside elements, such as rain, wind, or pests. Roof tarping is not a permanent solution, but it does provide quick protection until repairs are made.

Roof tarping and roof repair should always be handled by a trained professional, especially if the roof is unstable or wet. Our contractors will properly secure your home to prevent water intrusion until your roof is repaired and your property is returned back to normal.

Fire Damage Repair

After a fire, the roof is likely to be burned and windows are likely broken from firefighting efforts. If you’ve recently suffered from a fire, call us to protect your property from further damage.

We will quickly board up windows and tarp your roof. This protects your home from further damages, decreasing the repairs needed and, ultimately, the amount of time it will take to get you back into your home.

After this, we will begin the process of fire damage repair. This means we restore damaged property, such as floors, walls, and furniture, to the way it looked before the fire.

Storm Damage & Disaster Cleanup

Our North Texas storms are powerful enough to rip off roofs or shingles and cause trees to fall on your home. Storm damage cleanup should not be handled on your own as the debris might be sharp or harmful.

When we arrive, our licensed experts will remove debris and fallen trees from your home. After that, we’ll begin extracting water and repairing any damages the storm caused.

Disasters such as tornadoes, car crashes, and flooding can also damage your property.

Whatever kind of disaster, and whatever scale of the damage, our certified disaster restoration team is trained to handle it.

Specializing in Commercial & Residential Board Up

Because these property types are often constructed differently, there are different logistical concerns when it comes to boarding up commercial and residential properties. Our restoration technicians are IICRC certified. This means they’ve undergone extensive training and are prepared to handle any repair job, whether it’s boarding up a 10-story hotel or tarping the roof of a small home.

If you’re looking for a trusted board up and roof tarping company in Dallas/Fort Worth, choose Regent Restoration.

What To Do After Extensive Property Damage

After your property has been extensively damaged, whether, by fire, storms, or a car crash, safety is of the utmost importance. Depending on the extent of the damage, it could have left a path of sharp and hazardous debris in its wake. Here’s what to do to protect yourself and protect your property:

Safety First

If your home or business has been severely damaged and there’s hazardous debris or concerns about the stability of the structure, then immediately vacate the premises until it has been declared safe to return. Contact the proper authorities, especially after damages from a fire.

Call Your Insurance Company

The faster you call your insurance company, the quicker your claim will go through. This is especially important if storms have affected multiple people in the same area as you.

Document Damages

Photograph damages and keep records of everything for the insurance company, such as receipts and relocation expenses.

Do NOT handle Roof Tarping or Debris Cleanup On Your Own

After damages, roofs may be structurally unsound, which is why a professional should handle roof tarping. Our crews can determine if the structure is stable, and will ensure your home or business is properly secured.

Depending on the source of the damage, such as flooding, there may be contamination present. Still, it’s never a good idea to handle debris cleanup on your own. Our experts can clean up sharp glass shards from broken windows, remove contaminants, and clean up any hazardous debris.

More Helpful Tips On Window Board Up & Roof Tarping

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