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Fire Damage Restoration: Everything You Should Know

When the unthinkable happens, it’s hard to know what to do next.

That’s why we created this guide, so you can easily understand fire damage, the insurance claims process, and more.

Click on the sections below to quickly learn everything you should know in the aftermath of a home or commercial fire.

6 Things To Do After a Fire (To Speed Up the Recovery Process)

Fire damage restoration company in Dallas

In the aftermath of a fire, one of the very first things you should do is call a fire damage restoration company. 

Many people are tempted to go inspect the damage themselves, but there are many hazards that can make you sick or cause injury, including soot, dirty water from firefighting efforts, and collapsed ceilings.

For this reason, it’s important to wait until an inspector or fire damage contractor has given you the green light to re-enter the property.

After the building is deemed safe to re-enter, follow these steps to speed up the recovery process and get back on your feet faster.

Step 1: Contact Your Insurance Company & Save Receipts

Immediately call your insurance company and begin the claims process. 

Luckily, most insurance companies cover temporary expenses, such as hotel rooms, temporary repairs and food. 

You may receive these funds in advance or wait for the insurance company to reimburse you. Either way, you’ll need to keep receipts for any temporary expenses. 

Step 2: Obtain a Copy of the Fire Report

This is an official document created by the fire department that details the specifics of the incident, such as description of the damages and the source of the fire. 

Having this information on-hand can speed up the insurance process. 

Step 3: Don’t Clean Up, Just Document

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the last thing you want to do is start any major fire damage cleanup or repairs.

Repairing or removing damaged contents before they are accurately documented by the insurance company can cost you your claim.

Take photographs and videos of damage to the property, like water-damaged drywall, charred belongings, and soot-covered items. 

You should also create a detailed inventory of all home items that were damaged. Try to provide accurate descriptions of the items, age, and value. If you can, include receipts and photos.

Step 4: Secure Your Property

Insurance companies require you to take steps to “mitigate” or prevent further damage from occurring. 

This includes boarding up holes in windows or roofs that were created during the fire. They will compensate you for these temporary repairs, just remember to keep the receipts. 

Fire damage restoration companies can help you secure areas that are dangerous to access, like the roof.

Step 5: Recover or Replace Vital Documents

Recover valuable documents, like social security cards, credit cards, birth certificates, and more.

If important documents are lost or damaged, contact the appropriate institution or company to get them replaced.

If paper money was partially burnt (halfway burnt or more is still okay), there’s still a chance you can recover it. 

Place each bill in plastic wrap and take it to your local Federal Reserve Bank to get it replaced.

Step 6: Plan Your Finances Smartly

Luckily, many insurance companies will cover mortgage payments, but you should consider cancelling unnecessary expenses.

If your home is uninhabitable, notify utility and service companies, like your cable or internet provider, so they can stop billing you.

The Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage cleanup services in Dallas

Every fire is different, which makes it impossible to provide a standard cost for fire damage restoration.

The national average cost for total fire damage restoration is around $13,000, but the prices can range from $800 to $100,000.

This total includes fire damage cleanup services, like debris and smoke odor removal, and fire damage repair services.

Again, the prices above are just a rough estimate. The costs can be lower or higher depending on several factors, like the scope of work and whether reconstruction will be necessary

To help you understand the costs, we’ve put together a list of factors that fire restoration companies use to determine the final bill.

Cost Factor #1: Type of Fire

The type of fire will help guide the cleaning method, and the costs as well.

  • High-oxygen fire: This produces dry soot that is easy to remove.
  • Slow-burning, low-oxygen fire: This produces wet, greasy soot that requires more cleaning efforts.
  • Kitchen Fires: This is the most difficult fire to clean, as cabinets and appliances need to be removed to access hidden soot or smoke damage.

Cost Factor #2: The Size of the Area and the Number of Rooms

How far the fire or smoke damage spread is another factor when it comes to fire damage cleanup costs. Most restoration companies use square footage of the affected area as a pricing base.

Cost Factor #3: The Extent of Damage

The extent of the damage is an obvious cost factor. For instance, a large fire loss that requires reconstruction or demolition will be a lot more expensive than a small loss that only requires soot removal or minor structural repairs. 

Cost Factor #4: Water Removal

Where there’s fire, there’s water from firefighting efforts. Water extraction services are also necessary costs to prevent further damage like dry rot or mold.

Cost Factor #5: Smoke Odor Removal

Fire restoration companies will need to use specialized equipment, like hydroxyl generators and fogging machines, to completely remove smoke odor molecules. 

The costs will be based on how long the equipment needs to run and the square footage of the affected area.

Cost Factor #6: Type of Repair Materials

The type of repair materials will also affect the price. For instance, if you need to repair high-end items, like kitchen cabinets or roofing, it’s going to cost a lot more than repairing low-end structural materials, like drywall or tile.

What Does Insurance Cover After a Fire?

fire damage repair to roof after a house fire in Dallas

Most insurance policies will cover the costs for the following:

  • Cost to rebuild your home
  • Temporary living expenses
  • Costs to repair or replace your personal belongings
  • Costs to repair or replace other buildings on the property, like a shed
  • Costs to replace landscaping 

How much they cover will depend on the type of policy you have. There are two types of policies: “Actual cash value” policy and “Replacement cost” policy.

An actual cash value policy only covers the market value of your property before the fire. So if your property has degraded over time, this will mean you might get significantly less money for a rebuild.

A replacement cost policy will cover property repairs at a similar quality and value up to a limit. 

Consider hiring an independent estimator or an experienced fire damage repair contractor to give you an objective appraisal for your property’s worth.

If you have questions about the insurance process, call us now. As a fire restoration company, we deal with these scenarios all the time and can help you maximize your insurance claim.



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