Once you have water in the crawl space of your house it is very difficult to remove. We’re the #1 crawl space drying company in DFW because we only use high-tech equipment to dry your crawl space. One of the machines we have in our drying arsenal is the Dragon. The Dragon uses indirect heat and air pressure to remove any moisture from your crawl space. It completes the drying process without creating any fumes. It also evaporates moisture so efficiently it reduces the time it takes to dry your crawl space. If you have water in your crawl space call us to remove it quickly and safely.

The air mover is a widely used machine that you will see at most restoration jobs. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a huge range of different functions:

  • Fume removal
  • moving air
  • mixing or agitating air
  • drying

The infrared camera shown is commonly used during our water restoration jobs. It is a great way for our technicians to spot water  in your home. An infrared camera is a device that can detect infrared energy or heat without contact. It produces a thermal image on a hand held monitor. It can determine the temperature emitted from an object. We can use this to scan walls or objects to determine if there is any moisture that was undetected by the naked eye. This is our first line of defense in drying out your house.