Dishwasher Leak In Coppell

Holly in Coppell has a dishwasher leak that damaged cabinets and wood flooring. She initially tried to dry it out herself. Holly’s story is an unfortunate, but a perfect example of why you should never handle water damage on your own.

They eventually realized that waiting may have caused more damage and she called us.  We came in and made sure the area was completely dry with fans and our E-Tes heat drying machine.  Heat drying the structure eliminates all moisture and reduces the risk of microbial growth. The wood floors and the cabinets have to be torn out and replaced.


Don’t Wait To Handle Water Damage From a Dishwasher Leak

Holly made the same mistake that many of our customers do– she waited. Sometimes small leaks are manageable and you can handle it yourself, but if you find an extensive leak you need to call a water damage professional immediately.

Dishwashers and refrigerators are connected to water supply lines, which supplies them with hundreds of gallons of water. This means the small puddle you’ve finally noticed on the floor may be part of a larger, more extensive leak that has spread beyond your floors and walls.

Water Damage From a Dishwasher Leak? Call Us!

If you go into the kitchen one day and find you have water damage from a dishwasher leak, call us! We can handle every kind of water cleanup from leaking kitchen appliances, leaking washing machines, leaking ac units and burst water heaters.

We’re available 24/7 to handle your appliance leak and we serve the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’ll extract the water from the affected area and completely dry out any water damaged floors or walls. Call us now (214)-731-4624 and a water damage technician will arrive at your DFW property within 30 minutes.

Call us now at (214)-731-4624 and a water damage technician will arrive at your Coppell property within 30 minutes or less.