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Has your home or business recently suffered from a disaster, such as a tornado, storm or flood?

The destruction can be devastating and many Texans are left to pick up the pieces. Let Regent Restoration help you.

Our certified disaster restoration specialists are on-call 24 hours and provide disaster cleanup services to the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our crews will work quickly to clean up debris, repair damages, and return your home back to normal.

"After disaster strikes, let us help you pick up the pieces."

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Your Local Dallas/Fort Worth Disaster Restoration Experts

Disasters, such as storms and fires, can leave a path of hazardous debris in their wake, so it's important to call a trusted disaster cleaning company.

When you call Regent Restoration, we'll send out a disaster cleanup crew out to your Dallas/Fort Worth property within 45 minutes. Ensuring your safety and securing your property from external threats, such as vandals and pests, is our number one priority.

When we arrive on the scene, our disaster restoration crews will work quickly to clean up hazardous debris, board-up exposures, rebuild your property, and get your life back on track.

Our Emergency Disaster Restoration Services Include:

At Regent Restoration, we understand how devastating disasters can be, so we try to make the restoration process as stress-free as possible. We keep you up-to-date on your repair project at all times and provide you with all of the necessary documentation for your insurance provider.

Call us day or night at (214) 731-4624 to take advantage of our free disaster repair estimate and inspection.

How Our Team Repairs Your Home After a Disaster

After a disaster strikes your home or business, safety is our primary concern. When it comes to property damage there are many factors to consider, such as how stable the structure is, the amount of debris, and if there is contamination present.

Our disaster restoration specialists have the proper training and safety equipment to clean up hazardous debris and repair your damaged property.

As one of the leading disaster repair companies in Dallas/Fort Worth, our job is to get you back into your home or business— FAST. When our crews arrive on the scene, they'll assess the scope of the damage, secure your property, and then immediately begin the cleaning and restoration process.

Here's How the Disaster Cleanup & Restoration Process Works:

  1. Provide a free inspection to accurately assess all the damage.
  2. Clean up debris and hazardous materials.
  3. Board up broken windows and provide roof tarping if there are exposures in the roof.
  4. Extract water out of flooring and walls.
  5. Move furniture to our storage facility to prevent further damages.
  6. Dry your home or business using high-tech air movers and dehumidifiers.
  7. Sanitize the property and use an anti-microbial spray to prevent mold from growing.
  8. Reconstruct damaged materials, wood flooring, carpets, drywall, and ceilings.
  9. Help you file an insurance claim to get your loss covered at no expense to you.

Disaster Repair

Disaster repair is the process of returning your damaged property to its original appearance or better. Whether your personal belongings are dirty and need cleaning, your floors need to be restored, or you need total property reconstruction, we've got it covered.

Storm Damage Cleanup

In Texas, especially in DFW, storms often happen without warning. Storms shatter windows, uproot trees, rip off roofing, and create a hazardous path of destruction.  When we arrive at the scene, our disaster restoration crews will clean up any debris or fallen trees, and provide temporary board-up services for storm-damaged properties.

After the storm passes, you can count on us to make your home safe again.

Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup

Storms are scary enough, but when flood waters enter your home it’s even scarier.

The EPA considers floodwaters to be contaminated, due to bacteria and chemicals that are found in. Any contact with flood water can make you sick, which is why flood cleanup is best left to the professionals.

If your property is flooded, our experts will quickly remove the water and ensure affected areas are completely dried and sanitized.

Emergency Board Up & Roof Tarping Services

After exposures are created in your home or business, the next important step is to protect your property from further damages from outside elements, such as rain, wind, or pests. Board up and roof tarping is not a permanent solution, but it does provide quick protection until repairs are made.

Our contractors will properly secure your home until the reconstruction process can begin.

Specializing in Home & Commercial Disaster Restoration

We offer property damage restoration services for all different kinds of buildings such as hospitals, airports, hotels, and restaurants.

There’s a difference between home and commercial disaster restoration. Commercial properties are often larger in scale, constructed out of different materials, and come with a different set of reconstruction factors to consider.

Our emergency disaster repair crews have the training, expertise, and equipment, to handle any restoration job, no matter how large or small. We'll keep your business operational and return your home to a safe, livable space again.

Trust Regent For Home Disaster Cleanup in Dallas/Fort Worth

We're one of the leading disaster cleanup and repair companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area— and there's a reason for that.

  • FREE Damage estimates & Inspections
  • Available 24 Hours
  • A+ BBB Rated Restoration Company
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • Certified Disaster Cleaning Crew
  • Free Insurance Help

At Regent Restoration, we understand how devastating disasters are, which is why we'll work hard to repair your property, restore your damaged possessions, and quickly get you back into your home. If you're looking for a trusted disaster cleaning and restoration company in Dallas, Choose Regent.

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What Is Disaster Remediation?

Disaster remediation is the process of containing and reversing damages. When disaster restoration contractors arrive at the scene, they must assess the scope of the damage and identify any hazards that might be present, such as noxious gases, structural damage, or sharp debris.

The contractor must then be able to apply restoration techniques to address any situation that might be encountered, such as fire damage, mold, or contaminated water. The time it takes to fully restore a property depends on the source of damage and how quickly it was addressed.

This is why it's important to call a disaster cleanup crew immediately. A quick remediation response will increase the likelihood that items can be salvaged, and might ultimately prevent long-term damages.

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