Highland Park Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Highland Park Water Damage Restoration & Fire Damage Restoration CompanyRestoration Help in Highland Park Within 45 Minutes!

Regent Restoration provides 24-hour fire and water damage restoration services to Highland Park and the greater DFW area.

We guarantee we’ll respond to your emergency within 45 minutes or less. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our crews will quickly clean your home and apply repairs.

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Water Damage Restoration in Highland Park, Tx

Highland Park Water Damage Restoration Services

Regent restoration is a full-service water damage restoration company.

This means our crews are trained to handle everything from water cleanup and drying to total property reconstruction.

At Regent Restoration, we understand that when water enters your home time is of the essence. Our crews are on-call 24 hours and will respond to your emergency within 45 minutes.

When our team arrives at your Highland Park property, they’ll identify the source of the leak or flooding, and immediately get to work removing water from your home or business.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services Include:

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We understand firsthand how stressful water damage is for homeowners, which is why we try to make the recovery process as efficient and easy as possible.

We’ll keep you informed during every step of your project and help you negotiate with your insurance company so you can get the most for your losses.

Fire Damage Restoration in Highland Park, Tx

Highland Park Fire Damage Restoration ServicesFires leave behind a path of harmful debris and can create toxic odors, which is why it’s important to always call a professional fire damage cleanup company.

When we arrive at your Highland Park home or business, our fire damage contractors will immediately get to work removing charred materials and harmful smoke odors from property.

Once the cleanup process is completed, we’ll begin applying repairs to the damaged structure or any damaged materials, such as flooring and cabinets.

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Our Fire Damage Restoration Services Include:

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Whether the fire affected a small portion of your home or you need total property reconstruction, our repair crew can handle the job.

After the flames are extinguished, call regent restoration to help rebuild your home and get your life back on track.

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Highland Park Water Damage Repair

When your house is flooded, it feels like everything you’ve worked hard for is being washed away right before your eyes. Don’t worry we can save your belongings.

Water Damage repair is the process of taking your water-logged property and restoring it back to pre-loss conditions.

Our skilled repair team can handle everything from water damaged wood floors to total property reconstruction.

Call us now at (214) 731-4624 to speak to a water damage repair specialist.

Sewage Removal Services in Highland Park

Do not attempt to clean sewage up on your own. Sewage water is extremely dangerous and contact with it causes severe illness.

If there is sewage overflowing in your home or business, call us immediately.

When we arrive we’ll immediately contain the sewage water and prevent it from spreading to other areas of your home. We’ll then remove the water, dispose of contaminated materials, and sanitize your home.

Highland Park Flood Restoration

There’s a difference between flood damage and water damage resulting from something such as a broken pipe. Flood waters are considered contaminated by the EPA and contact with it can cause illness.

If flood waters have entered your home or business, it’s important to avoid contact with it and call a trusted flood damage restoration company to clean up the mess.

Our professionals have the proper safety equipment to remove the contaminated water from your home.

After water removal and drying process is complete, our crews will sanitize affected areas and return your property back to a safer, drier condition.

Choose Us As Your Highland Park Restoration Company

Regent Restoration is one of the highest rated restoration companies in the DFW area—and there’s a reason for that.

We provide free estimates and insurance help to all of our customers.

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  • Free Estimates & Inspections
  • A+ Rating With the BBB
  • Open 24/7, 365
  • Fastest Response Time
  • Warranty On All Work
  • IICRC Certified Restoration Crew


Regent Restoration has repaired many Highland Park homes after destructive water & fire damage. If you’re looking for one the most trusted restoration companies in the Highland Park area, choose Regent Restoration.

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