The 14 Best Articles About Water Damage

Dealing with water damage can be such a stressful situation. You’re dealing with a lot of questions – What is water damage? How much is this going to cost and why? How can prevent this from happening again?

To answer these and many other questions, we’ve put together a list of helpful articles about water damage and what you need to know.

1. 9 Water Damage Prevention Tips Homeowners Should Follow

Once again gives great, quick tips about water damage. This is awesome to use when you’re standing in water!

2. Types of Water Damage Property Owners Should Know About

Understanding what kinds of water damage there are can help determine what kind of water damage service you need.

3. Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips Guide

The insurance process can be difficult to understand, this article gives a brief view at what the process involves.

4. 6 Myths Uncovered About Water Damage

Find out what water damage can do to your home, your wallet and you.

5. How Much Does it Cost to Repair Water Damage

Get guidance on the costs of water damage.

6. Foundation Water Damage Signs

Cracks are a tell-tale sign of foundation water problems, and can occur both outside and inside the home.

7. How to Prevent Water Damage

Preventing water damage is a whole lot cheaper than paying for repairs, especially when you have wet wood floors. This article covers three easy prevention tips.

8. Water Damage Classification List

Water damage can cause a number of different scenarios that can affect how much damage and costs there are. The IICRC has different classifications for the severity of damage.

9. 6 Steps to Prevent Carpet Mold After Water Damage

It doesn’t take a lot of water for mold to grow, so it’s important to know the steps to preventing carpet mold.

10. What to Do If Your Home or Office Gets Flooded

Floods can happen anytime and anywhere. Here’s what you need to know if there’s ever a flood in your office.

11. How to Protect Your Building Against Water Damage

Water damage is the most common reason for insurance claims among business buildings. Find out how you can protect your building from water damage.

12. Water Damage is Not a DIY Job

Know when and when not to do it yourself. Especially when it comes to water damage.

13. Signs Your Water Heater Is About To Burst

A burst water heater is a nightmare scenario for any homeowner. Read this article to discover the tell-tale signs that yours is about to burst or rupture.

14. Does Water Damage Claim Increase Insurance Rates?

This article gives you a quick run through on the do’s and don’ts of water damage. The North Texas area is located in the mouth of tornado alley, so our insurance premiums are pretty high with homeowners paying $1,560 on average.

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