Do You Have Water In Your Home? We Can Help!

Do you have standing water, soaking wet carpets, water trapped in the wall, floor, or ceiling in home?

All of these things can cause water damage and water extraction is necessary to remove the water and begin drying your property.

Water Extraction Services Near You

Water extraction should happen as soon as possible after water damage occurs, as this will help reduce your losses and reduce the amount of time it will take to dry your property.

At Regent Restoration, we use powerful truck-mounted equipment to extract water quickly and thoroughly. We also use specialized equipment to detect levels of moisture in walls and ceilings to identify areas of hidden or trapped water.

Our team will extract the excess water so cleanup and restoration of your property can begin.

Complete Water Damage Restoration Services

Protecting Your Belongings

When there is excessive water in your home, your personal belongings are at risk, either from direct contact with the water or from elevated humidity levels in your home that can lead to mold growth.

Our team will take the necessary steps to protect your personal belongings before and during water extraction. We provide pack-out services to move your belongings to a safe location for cleaning or storage.

Your furniture is also likely affected by water damage in your home. If left in contact with water, the water will begin to damage wood or upholstered furniture. We will move the furniture or take steps to protect it from the water damage, such as elevating it using blocks.

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

The number one reason to hire a professional to perform water extraction after water damage has affected your home is to prevent mold.

Mold can grow anywhere where there is an organic food source, favorable temperature and moisture. This makes a flooded property the optimal environment.

Mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours after water damage, so prompt water extraction is essential for the prevention of mold growth. By hiring a water extraction professional, you can rest assured that as much water as possible has been removed to accelerate drying times.

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We have the training and experience necessary to protect your property and reduce your total losses with prompt, efficient service. We provide water extraction, water cleanup, and full water restoration services in Dallas and the surrounding communities.

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What You Should Know About Water Damage Insurance

Remember, your insurance company should work for YOU first and foremost. We have over 30 years of experience with dealing with insurers, insurance claims and customers dealing with multiple types of water damage. When you need water cleanup & extraction in the DFW area, give us a call first at (214) 731-4624.

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