How to Check to See If Your Smoke Detector Is Working

Your smoke detector is pretty vocal about what it needs, if you’ll listen. It will give off little alarms or chirp sporadically to let you know that its batteries are low and that they need to be replaced.

Let People Know about Your Test

Don’t give anyone an unnecessary jolt of shock. Be considerate and let people know that you’ll be testing your smoke detector, so they won’t think there’s a fire when the alarm starts going off.

How To Test Smoke Detector
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Fire Damage Prevention Steps You Can Take Today

Dallas Fire Damage Restoration Services
Dallas Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fires are unpredictable and can happen at any time, to anyone.  No one ever wants to experience a fire in their home, but are you doing everything you can to prevent that from happening?

Do you know what to do to protect your family and your property if a fire does occur?

Here’s what you can do to reduce your fire risk, protect your family’s safety and reduce potential damages to your home from a fire.

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Smoke Damage – What You Need To Know

Smoke damage is sometimes overlooked or considered secondary damage after a destructive fire, but ignoring smoke damage can multiply your damages and result in the loss of belongings that may have been restored if addressed sooner. The longer smoke damage goes unnoticed, the more damage it will cause—much of it irreversible.

Understanding what smoke damage is and how it affects the items in your Dallas home can help you put a stop to its destructive nature. Smoke and soot residues will continue to cause damages long after the fire is out, and the damage only gets worse as more time passes.

Why Does Smoke and Soot Cause Damage?

To understand how smoke and soot residues can damage your belongings, you first need to know that soot is an acidic residue left behind after a fire. Because it is acidic, smoke and soot residues can quickly cause permanent damage to porous materials and plastics. It will take longer for less porous materials to show physical damage, but the longer smoke and soot residues are present, the greater the risk.

Plastic or porous items – think small appliances, marble counter-tops or flooring, and alabaster – are often permanently discolored after a fire due to smoke damage. Harder surfaces like countertops, fiberglass items, and large appliances can begin to yellow within a few hours after a fire.

Yellowing will also affect painted walls and hardwood or vinyl floors within a few days, and the hardest materials – glass and porcelain – will begin to show signs of etching after a few weeks after a fire if untreated.

How Can I Prevent Smoke Damage After a Fire?

Because smoke and soot residues continue to damage your belongings for days and even weeks after a fire, it is important that cleanup begins as soon as possible to protect your belongings and reduce your losses. Many items susceptible to smoke damage can often be restored, but only when cleanup begins early enough to prevent permanent damage.

Don’t forget about items that weren’t directly or immediately affected by the fire. Assume that soot residues are on every surface in the affected area. If you plan to clean the smoke and soot residues yourself, work from the top down, starting with the ceiling. Assume there is smoke and soot residue on every surface, even if damage is not yet visible.

When Should I Call A Smoke Damage Professional?

Cleanup after a fire is a long process, and it’s important that smoke damage be addressed as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to your Dallas home and your belongings. You should contact a smoke damage cleanup professional if for any reason you are unable to perform cleanup yourself, or if you are concerned about potential smoke damage to your belongings.

Regent Restoration provides emergency fire damage and smoke damage cleanup in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Our IICRC certified technicians will respond 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality service whenever you need us most. Contact us now!

  • Smoke Damage is often overlooked
  • Soot is acidic and can cause damage well after a fire
  • Quickly having your home cleaned is the best way to prevent permanent damage
  • Smoke and Soot can get on every surface, even though they may not be visible

Fire Damage Prevention

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that most fires that occur in the home begin in the kitchen. Most kitchens have several potential fire hazards, and the first step towards fire prevention is identifying potential fire hazards and taking proactive steps to reduce your risk of fire.

While taking steps to prevent fires is a smart idea, you should always keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen in the event that a fire does occur. Make sure to have an extinguisher rated for the types of fires that occur in a kitchen and that you know how to use it.

Stove Fires and How to Prevent Them

In the fire damage restoration industry, we see a lot of fires that start in the kitchen, and of those most are related to the stove. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when dealing with flames or high heat on the stovetop, but luckily using a little common sense can prevent many of these things from happening.

Make sure to keep anything flammable away from the stove, even when you’re not actively cooking. Things like curtains, paper towels and potholders can easily ignite. You should also keep things like oil and non-stick sprays away from the stove, as these too can ignite and cause a fire.

Many of the fires our fire damage technicians see are due to unattended cooking. You should always monitor food left on the stove to cook. When cooking with grease, you should always keep a close eye on the food to make sure grease is not escaping the pan or has the potential to boil over. Never leave the room or your house when cooking—kitchen fires can spread quickly and cause a significant amount of damage in only a few minutes.

Inspect Your Appliances

Kitchen fires don’t always start on the stove, and other appliances in your kitchen like your toaster and microwave can also cause fires. Electrical appliances in the kitchen can increase your fire risk, especially if the appliances are poorly maintained.

Keep your appliances clean and check cords and cables regularly for signs of wear or damage. Avoid using extension cords or power strips it the kitchen, as this can be dangerous and increase your fire risk.

Steps to Take After a Kitchen Fire

Unfortunately, even with the best prevention, kitchen fires can and do happen. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and use smoke detectors to alert you of a possible fire, but also remember to recognize when a fire is burning too quickly and too dangerously that you should evacuate and call 911. Never put your own life at risk trying to save your property.

After the fire is out and it is safe to enter your home, call a fire damage restoration company like Regent Restoration in Dallas to clean and restore your home. Fire damage restoration is a complex job, and working with a professional ensures that not only the physical damage from the fire is addressed, but the secondary damage from smoke and soot are also taken care of. Call Regent Restoration for your fire and smoke damage restoration needs.

  • Most fires begin in the kitchen
  • Reduce risk by identifying potential hazards
  • Keep flammable objects away from stove
  • Clean and restore your home before re-entering

Creating A Disaster Preparedness Plan For Business Owners

Water damage can strike anywhere, anytime. Commercial properties can be at a greater risk of sustaining major water damage, and interruptions in your daily operations can put your business at risk for failure. Preparing for both large- and small-scale water damage disasters can help protect your business and get you back on track and back in business quickly after a disaster.

All businesses are at risk of sustaining water damage, whether from a natural disaster such as hurricanes or flooding, or from other sources of water damage like a broken pipe or leaking roof. And since many businesses are often only occupied for about eight to twelve hours a day, a small problem can easily cause a significant amount of water damage.

Despite the risks, most businesses don’t have an emergency plan in place. Establishing responsibilities and processes before a disaster happens can reduce your downtime after an emergency, and helps put your mind at ease.

Creating a Water Damage Plan

The weather can be unpredictable, and the severity of a storm can be an unknown until it is too late. Flash flooding can sometimes happen at a minute’s notice, and storm damage to the roof or windows can allow water into an otherwise secure building during a severe storm.

Whatever the reason, water damage can derail your business. Creating an emergency disaster preparedness plan can help your business prepare for a disaster, minimizing the impact on your business and your employees.

1. Establish Roles and Responsibilities

When disaster strikes, it is essential that you and your employees know who has the authority to make decisions related to your business. At least one other person should have the authority to call a water damage restoration company during an emergency situation. During area-wide disasters when resources are stretched thin, the sooner the call is made, the sooner someone will be able to respond to help.

2. Plan for Communication

During and after a water damage emergency, you should have a plan in place to notify employees of the current situation, needs, and plans moving forward. This can be accomplished by using an employee phone tree, email, or other reliable means of communication. Make sure your employees know where to go to receive information in an emergency. You will also need a team to communicate with vendors and suppliers, as well as any branches or outside offices.

3. Partner with a Water Damage Restoration Company

In a water damage emergency, you’ll want a professional water damage company on your side so you can resume normal operations as soon as possible following a disaster. Take some time before an emergency strikes to identify a water damage restoration company in Dallas that has experience with your type of business or building, and who has the resources available to perform water damage cleanup quickly and effectively.

Regent Restoration provides emergency water damage restoration services to businesses and commercial properties in Dallas and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn how we can help in a water damage emergency.

Let’s Review

  • Commercial Properties are often vacant for extended hours
  • Chances are water damage will occur when no one is in the building
  • Create an emergency water damage plan
  • Have a plan in place in case of an emergency situation
  • Partnering with a Water Damage Restoration Company speeds up response time
  • The sooner you contact Regent, the sooner the situation is handled