Air Scrubbers: What They Are & Why We Use Them

At Regent Restoration, we take pride in using only the best equipment for your water damage restoration needs. One of our pieces of equipment, an air scrubber, is important to the restoration process. Here’s what you need to know:

What is an Air Scrubber?

An air scrubber is a portable filtration system. The machine pulls in air from the surrounding area and passes it through a series of filters. These filters remove particles, gasses or chemicals from the air in order to help improve indoor air quality.

An air scrubber usually is placed alone in the middle of a room, with no ducting attached. The air that the machine filters is recycled back into the area. This dramatically improves the general air quality in the home or business.

The setup of an air scrubber is different from a negative air machine. A negative air machine removes polluted air using ducting that pushes it outside of the affected area, like a vacuum.

An air scrubber can be used as a negative air machine with additional equipment, however.

Why Do We Use Them?

When a restoration job involves cleanup of mold, sewage or fire damage, your home can be exposed to particles or gases that could be hazardous to your health.

As part of the drying process, our technicians use equipment that increases the airflow in the room. As this evaporates moisture in the air, it also causes millions of very small particles that were trapped in carpets, structures, upholstery or furniture to become airborne. Once in the air, the particles can be drawn into the HVAC system.

These particles can be both inorganic and living organisms. The smaller particles can penetrate your lungs and other parts of your respiratory system, causing chronic health effects. Bigger particles (pollen, animal dander or dust) don’t penetrate as deeply but can cause an allergic reaction.

If these contaminants are not removed immediately they can impact the indoor air quality of your home and ruin the restoration job. An air scrubber is a helpful piece of equipment that we use to prevent this situation from occurring.

It’s Regent Restoration’s mission to safely and efficiently return the condition of your home or business to normal. To do this, it’s important to check the quality of the air inside and remove all contaminants with an air scrubber.

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Jake Lambert

Digital Marketing Manager at Regent Restoration
Jake is the Digital Marketing Manager at Regent Restoration and the CEO of LeadAmigo which provides water damage leads nationwide.